South Speaks: Cubs first World Series win since 1908

Carlie Williams and Lucy French

Being born into a Chicago Cub’s loving family, Marina Blackwell (senior) shares her excitement on the win. Marina said “On game days, I was always really really stressed because the stress would just overtake me and I couldn’t really focus on anything but the game. Which is kind of pathetic, haha!” when asked how she felt on game days.

Chicago Cubs supporter since birth, Brandon Heeter (Junior) walked around with a “fly the w” flag, was able to stop and share his excitement about the win. Brandon said, “I have to say my favorite is Kyle Schwarber because ¬†of IU of course, but if I had to choose another player it would probably be Anthony Rizzo. He’s just an all-around good player and hes funny, quirky.” when asked who his favorite Cubs player is, and why.

Dustin Carver (teacher) shares with us his thoughts on the win and how he never lost faith, when many others did. When asked how he didn’t lose faith, Carver chanted “P.O.P.! P.O.P.! Power of Positivity”.

Chicago Cubs won the World Series against Cleveland Indians (4-3).