Students working at the polls


Layla Moore, Staff Writer, Photographer

On Tuesday, several students used their day off to help out at the polls for election day. Most south students cannot vote, but used Tuesday as an opportunity to get involved in the election.

Brynne Newland, a junior at BHSS worked the polls as a clerk from 6 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. She checked people for proper ID and voter registration, and then gave them their ballot. To prepare for this job, Newland went to a one hour training session.

“Only a few people were not registered, so we had to turn them away,” said Newland. Otherwise, most people came to the poll ready to vote.

Newland said that the most enjoyable part of the experience was the short conversations she had with voters.

“The voting station I was at was heavily republican. It was interesting to interact with that party,” said Newland.

Working at the polls on election day was a good way for students to get involved in the election, despite the fact that some were not old enough to vote.