Columbus rains on South’s parade

Columbus rains on Souths parade

Ethan Baer, Sports Writer

In what was a very wet night, the Panthers fell to Columbus East 35-15 in the semi state playoffs. The big story of the night was Columbus East’s running back; a 5-foot-6 back with lightning fast speed who ran all over the Panthers with 275 yards on 24 carries. South’s goal was to stop big plays, which they failed to do. The Panthers’ offense also just couldn’t get it going, scoring a season low 15 points total. Passes from junior Gavin Yeskie to receivers slipped through the hands, short gains due to slipping and sliding, and many more errors the Panthers just couldn’t overcome. Although the constant down-pour certainly didn’t help, South just simply failed to stop the Olympians from making big plays. The Panthers finish this 2016 season with a record of 11-2 and fall just short of the state finals for the second time in two years. Thank you to all the seniors who left it all on the field, and helped return South to where it should be for the last 4 years.