PSAT scores are here

Amanda Lewandowski, Staff Writer

To see your PSAT scores log on to CollegeBoard, or make an account. Collegeboard is also where you can sign up to take the SAT.

The PSAT/NMSQT(National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) and the SAT are graded on the same scale so your PSAT scores gives you an idea of how you would have scored on the actual SAT. When you get your scores back you will see two main scores one titled: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and one titled Math. Each score could be anywhere from 160-760. These two scores are then added together to give you at total score that is between 320-1520.

The SAT is slightly different because the scores can range from 200-800 in the two main categories, giving you a total score that is at most 1,600.

On CollegeBoard you can also get a more in depth analysis of your scores. You can go through each section of the test: Reading, Writing and Language, Math Calculator and Math No Calculator, and see how many questions you got right and wrong. They also give you scores that tell you how well you did in the certain areas of math or English tested, such as Heart of Algebra and Words in Context. The percentile ranks show you that you scored higher, or the same as that percent of people.

The National Merit Qualifying Score has not been released yet for this year. For more information on the National Merit Scholarship visit

The next SAT is January 21, 2017. The deadline to sign up is December 21. The last day for late registration is January 10, 2017.