South Speaks: Will you watch the inauguration?

South Speaks: Will you watch the inauguration?

Isabelle Neal and Lucia Davila

Because this year’s election was so divisive, whether or not people will watch the inauguration has become somewhat of a hot topic. Here’s what some South students had to say:

“No, I don’t plan on watching, I guess I just don’t have the time for that,” Sophomore Jonathan Dusleag said. 

“Yes, because I just want to see him make a bigger fool of himself,” Junior William Butler said.

“No, because it’s kind of disgusting,” Senior Vivian Livesay said.

“I don’t know, because personally I was not pleased with the outcome of the election but I feel like it’s still an important ceremony. So I’m not quite sure if morally I should want to or not,” Senior Emily Axsom said.