Bloomington Blades almost makes it to finals

Elizabeth Rickert, Staff Writer

They made it to semi-finals for the first time ever, but they lost to Culver Academy by only one point. Almost everyone on the team cried. This is what Bloomington Blades, Bloomington’s Youth Hockey Team, went through over the weekend.

Even though the team was sad, Junior Sam Burris said that he was still very happy to make it to semi-finals. Burris has been playing since he was five and said that he likes hockey for both the playing of the sport and for his teammates.

“My favorite moments in hockey are probably the time we spend just hanging in the locker room,” said Burris.

Freshman Anthony LaBella also shares this feeling of team spirit. Just like Burris, he started playing hockey at age four, and his favorite part of playing is also being with his fellow players.

“I play hockey because it is a fun sport and the people are really fun,” LaBella said.

Overall, although the loss did hit the team hard, both Burris and LaBella said that they wouldn’t trade the experience of going to semi-finals for the world.