BHSS celebrates student achievements with Panther Plus Awards

Chris Forrester, Staff Writer

Today, BHSS celebrated students’ achievements with the year’s second Panther Plus Awards. The Panther Plus Awards are a school-wide system of honoring students based on four categories– improvement, leadership, effort, and achievement. Each teacher is allowed to award a Panther Plus Award to four students per trimester (that’s one per class period) based on one of the four aforementioned categories. The awards ceremony for last trimester’s Panther Plus Award winners was hosted this morning in Carmichael Hall during SRT. Each award recipient was given a plaque recognizing their achievement, as well as a firm handshake from Mr. True. Additionally, all Panther Plus Award winners are given a free ticket to Holiday World for the day after school ends, and are entered in drawings for prizes, which included several BHSS hoodies, Beats earbuds, and three Samsung 32 inch TVs.