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South “Stink” update

Amanda Lewandowski, Staff Writer

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Have you been wandering through the halls of South only to come across a very unpleasant smell? We at the Optimist have a few answers as to what has been done to resolve the issue.

What has been done to resolve the smell?

HFI Mechanical Contractors were hired to try and figure out the source of this unpleasant odor. The first experiment was running a smoke test through the sanitary sewer system. The smoke test did not reveal any leaks. HFI does not believe that the smell is coming from a broken sewer line or an air handler unit. The science lab drains have also been ruled out.

Over spring break while students were off, an acid neutralization tank was replaced on the outside of the building because it was not draining properly. In addition, the HVAC units in the ceiling were also looked at.

How long has the smell been around?

South history teacher Matt Hoagland has dealt with the smell since the building renovation in 1996. Hoagland describes it as “poop that has been left in the sewer for a while, not fresh.”


At this time the exact source of the smell is still unknown but the Director of Building Operations Chris Ciolli and HFI “will continue to search for the source of the smell until the issue is resolved.”

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South “Stink” update