South Speaks: thoughts on promposals

South Speaks: thoughts on promposals

Isabelle Neal and Lucia Davila

With prom quickly approaching, it seems like there’s a new video of an elaborate promposal everyday. However, some people people prefer to just ask someone to prom and avoid all of the planning and pressure that goes into crafting the perfect promposal. Here’s what some South students had to say:

“I think it’s a lot cooler if they’re really extravagant, it shows that you really care,” sophomore Johnathan Leite said.

“I think it depends on the person, it can be cute if you make it a big thing, but it could be sad if it’s a big thing and the person says no,” sophomore Ivy Richardson said. 

“I think it depends, if you know that your date is going to be super shy and embarrassed by a big promposal, I don’t suggest it. I, on the other hand like attention, so a big promposal would make me really happy,” senior Abbi Feiner said.

“I think that just asking is a nicety in itself, a big promposal is very stressful,” senior Bryce Carson said.

“It’s exciting, every girl wants a big promposal,” senior Camryn Parton said.