Bus fiascoes continue


Maddie Roberts, Staff Writer

As the school year progresses, the bus debacle has yet to be completely resolved. South students are still getting home late and even switching bus routes. On Monday (the fourth day of the school year), there were 19 bus changes in the afternoon.

Freshman Madison Gaitan had “different routes each afternoon” and has gotten home late. She also experienced “glitches in the [“Here Comes the Bus”] app.” The app, whose purpose is to inform students and parents about the whereabouts and expected arrival of each bus, is giving inaccurate updates, according to Gaitan.

Sophomore Tabby Durall said that she has arrived home 30 minutes late.

Sophomore Daphne Stahl also said that she has experienced random routes each day in the afternoon. However, not every student has reported having trouble with the bus.

Freshman Stella Hyun said that her bus experiences this year have been okay, other than an “angry” bus driver. Other students have also agreed that the situation is getting better and that bus drivers are getting more used to their routes.

These problems originated when MCCSC signed a contract with the Michigan bus company Auxilio. The decision hired formerly independent bus drivers as part of the company. Most drivers didn’t want to work directly under a company, so it has been difficult for MCCSC to seek out new employees.

This year, there are 42 bus routes but only 18 bus drivers to fill them. This lack of drivers leads to more students per bus and longer routes. It is unclear when or if these issues will be completely resolved, so good luck students.