Hoosiers to Houston Flood Relief

Amanda Lewandowski, Staff Writer

In wake of the damage left by Hurricane Harvey, many Hoosiers are wondering how to help.

A semi-truck, trailer, and gas has all been donated, the coordinators are just looking for supplies to fill the truck. If you would like to make a donation the truck is located at the Rural King in Bedford. Donations will also be accepted at Bent Barber Shop in Bloomington.  More locations will be announced as they become available. Donations will be accepted starting at 8 a.m on Thursday 8/31. There isn’t much time to donate, the truck is leaving on Friday as soon as it is full. The truck will be going to Pearland Church of Christ in Texas. If need be, the family will try and get a second truck to send with supplies.

Senior Alayna Sylvester’s father and extended family decided to start this donation process because “We have family down in Houston and we opened our eyes up to the situation.”

Some of the donation items requested are small first aid kits, toothpaste, toothbrushes, diapers, wipes and formula. For more information, updates on donation locations, and specific donations requested go follow Hoosiers to Houston Flood Relief on Facebook.