Irma’s storms drifting inland

John Law, Staff Writer

While Indiana isn’t close to Hurricane Irma at all, it will still be affected by the spin off storms in the coming days. This isn’t new to Indiana residents though as we have experienced hurricane storms yearly in the past.


The forecast for the next three days is constant cloudiness and rain with additional stronger than normal winds. So how will this affect your daily or weekly routine? If you don’t mow your yard by the time the rain hits, you will definitely regret it when your yard doesn’t meet the neighborhood standards. Additionally, make sure to keep updated with your sport coaches or club leaders in case of a delay or cancellation to a game, practice, or meeting. Also, make sure to roll your car windows up during the school day to prevent your seats or belongings from getting soaked. Lastly, with all the cloudy days coming, make sure to bring an extra snack or activity to school to keep you from becoming drowsy as the school day moves along.


So make sure to be safe on the roads and prepare your daily outfit for a chance of rain as the storms fading inland begin to affect the southern part of the midwest.