South Heads to Lucas Oil Stadium


Katie Apple, Staff writer

On Oct. 6 several teams from South will be heading to the Lucas Oil Stadium for this week’s Friday night lights. The varsity football team will be playing against Columbus North along with the dance team coming along for the evening’s before-game entertainment.

Senior Chase Washington and Sophomore Aaron Chestnut are football players who will be playing with the team on Friday.

“I think it will feel different,” said Washington, “but the team can’t treat it any differently…We’ll still have to play like it’s a normal game”. Chase plays as a cornerback for the team and said that he’s “…more excited than nervous…” because he’s “…always wanted to play in the stadium since [he] was little”.

There will obviously be a difference in setting from a high school football field  to a stadium. “I feel that it’s going to be a great experience for the whole team [and] I don’t think it will change our play much…” said Aaron Chestnut.

“As a football player you get used to all of the tension and anticipation up to the game, so you just want to go out there and play[,] no matter where you are.” said Chestnut.

Photography by Gothic Yearbook

Athletic director J.R. Holmes sent an email to Lauren Powell, the head coach of the dance team, asking if the team would be interested in performing. “I said yes!” said Powell, because the dancers have never had his opportunity, “[and] so I jumped on it”!

Although it is an away game the dancers will be performing their pom competition routine, which they have known and worked hard on since June. “However, the past two weeks we have been focusing on cleaning and getting it ready for this performance,” said Lauren Powell.

“It will be a great opportunity for [them] to prepare for competition as a team and also great exposure to a new audience”! Typically competition routines are not performed until December, “…so this is super early for us, but I think they’re ready” said Powell.