ACP Registration Guide

Will Gibbons, Staff Writer/Photographer

A step by step guide to the ACP registration

  1. Go to your school email and find an email entitled “ACP Registration Deadline”
  2. Click on the link labeled “Create IU IT Account
  3. Fill in the required information: your last name, your birth date, and your University ID (this is included within the previous email)
  4. Read the agreement and type yes if you are willing to comply
  5. Choose from the available usernames, make sure it’s something you can remember!
  6. Create your passphrase, again making sure that it’s something that you can remember
  7. Choose three questions from the list and type your answers within the box
  8. Press next to create your email
  9. Choose a device to set up two-step login. This will set up the chosen device to confirm your login when needed
  10. Install Duo Mobile on your selected device and open the app
  11. Follow the steps on screen and scan the barcode on screen with your selected device
  12. Select the way that you want Duo to notify you
  13. You’re Done!
  14. You can now access your account via Access.IU