Finals week is here

John Law, Staff Writer

This morning, throughout Bloomington, South students woke up to the relaxing sound of rain hitting their windows or roofs. Sounds like the beginning to a perfect week, right? Wrong. Finals have arrived and once again plan to increase your stress by 110%. However, like every problem there is a solution, and I’m here to give you a few tips on how to make finals week easier than you ever could’ve imagined.

Tip #1: Use Panther Plus wisely

During finals week, many teachers understand what their students are going through and will host “Final Review” sessions. Make sure to sign up for these as they will substantially help and could make a breakthrough in your understanding of a particular subject.

Tip #2: Get enough sleep

While Netflix and prime time football are intriguing, bad grades aren’t. A good nine hours of sleep per night will be greatly beneficial by keeping you sharp and well-rested.

Tip #3: Do the review sheets teachers hand out

Review sheets are something none of us want to do but something we all should do. A quick scan and check through a simple review sheet is sure raise your confidence and then your grade.

Tip #4: Eat plenty of ice cream

We all need something to manage our stress and for most of us that can be something such as ice cream. Make sure to have a bucket of ice cream while studying so you can reward yourself for your hard work.