Panther Profile: DJ Maddog


Taylor Harmon

DJ Maddog, daughter of South Vice Principal Jay True, spins at many events, including Red Hot for Riley.

Amanda Lewandowski, Staff Writer

During school hours you know her as substitute teacher Ms. True, or Jay True’s daughter. After hours you may see her at various Bloomington events lighting up the dance floor as DJ Maddog. Optimist set out to learn more about DJ Maddog, who will be dropping tunes for Mix It Up at Lunch on Oct. 31.

When/how did you become interested in DJ-ing?

“I had never seen female DJ’s, I’d never seen one in Bloomington. It started out has a hobby, but then I started getting more and more shows. Other females often aren’t taken seriously and are hypersexualized, I want to be the female role model that I never had growing up. I guess I have been subconsciously DJ-ing my whole life since I made all the mix CDs before South swim meets.”

What is your favorite or most interesting event you have done?

“I would say this would probably be the most interesting venue I have played at. It is called the Mockbee, which is an old church in Cincinnati Ohio, there were about 100 people.”

What South events have you done, or would you be willing to do in the future?

“I have done Dance Marathon and also Red Hot for Riley. I would totally be into doing prom or a dance.”

What inspired your DJ name?

“My dad actually. He has called me Maddog (her first name is Madison) since the day I was born. When I was at my first event and they asked me what my name was it was that. I was a swimmer at South when I went here and Maddog was on all my clothes, so it didn’t really take any thought, it was just my name.”

Why did you decide to become a substitute teacher?

“DJ’s don’t make as much money as people think, about 75 percent of what I make goes back into it. Subbing is just additional income that allows me to be financially comfortable. I also like the flexible schedule, I can bring my computer and work on flyers or social media.”

For all of you wondering, yes Jay True does indeed go to her shows and can be found wearing DJ Maddog hats and clothes in support of his daughter.