Hoagland’s costume party


Katie Apple, Staff writer

To celebrate the spooky day of Halloween, Matt Hoagland asked his AP European history classes to come dressed in historically accurate costumes. The assignment entailed students choosing any historical European figure to dress up as, providing a brief summary of the person’s significance, and reciting one of their quotes.

Sophomore Kendall Hewitt chose Mary Wollstonecraft, an English writer, for her European figure. Hewitt came to class sporting a long dress along with her prepared quote and quick facts.

Kendall Hewitt as Mary Wollstonecraft

Other students who participated included sophomores Grant Yeagley, Emma Hickman, and Christian Battista, and senior Jake Leslie. Yeagley dressed up as the soccer star Carles Puyol, Hickman as Catherine the Great, and Battista as Winston Churchill. Leslie showed up as The Beatles’ iconic drummer, Ringo Starr.

On Halloween, the class spent the period eating candy, exchanging facts, and giving brief costume presentations. Overall, students enjoyed talking with their dressed-up counterparts and being free from the normal 55 minutes of school work in celebration of the holiday.