Song of the Week- November 2


Several Optimist staff writers have decided to come together and pick their favorite songs each week based on recent releases, personal feelings, and general overall enjoyment.

November 2nd:

Will: My song of the week is “Herside Story” by Goldlink. The song is incredibly chill, which is especially nice during these cold indoor days. “Herside Story” is about Goldlink returning home to the same woman that he loved before he obtained his success. The beat is lowkey, and stays consistent to the chill theme. The chorus is catchy and unique. The verses are smooth and the wordplay is decent. Overall it’s a nice song to chill to.

Seth: My song of the week is “Erotic City” by Prince. Although it is buried beneath more acclaimed songs on the Purple Rain album, this song is the true definition of a banger for your ears.

Calvin: I’m really feeling “Things have changed” by Bob Dylan for my song of the week this week. I recently got the chance to see Dylan live at the IU auditorium and he was spectacular. This was the song he opened with and it was one of the highlights of his setlist. Even though Dylan is quite a bit older than when he started, he is still able to make amazing music.

Ethan: My song of the week is “9” by Drake off his fourth studio album Views. Although this album did not live up to the hype surrounding it before its release, there are multiple songs that I enjoy. This particular song is an homage to Toronto, and asserts to his influence there. The beat is very calm and chill. The song has a cold, and wintery like feel to it. Overall, this is my favorite song of the album.

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