Day on, not day off for South’s Young Democrats Club


Logan Hanchett, Staff Writer

Most students at South spent Tuesday’s day off out with friends, relaxing at home, or finishing all the extra homework. The Bloomington South Young Democrats Club did something different.

With Indiana holding no elections in 2017, members of the club were still passionate about making an impact and electing Democrats. Joining the Bloomington North Young Democrats, they came together at the Monroe County Democratic Party headquarters to make phone calls into Virginia. Club members called Virginia voters and pushed them to vote Democratic, and most importantly, get out to vote.

November 7th’s elections, especially those in swing state Virginia, will reflect the tide of the nation. Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie are running in a highly competitive gubernatorial race in Virginia. The Young Democrats Club hopes their efforts will help lift Northam to victory.

In the future, the club will register seniors to vote, hold a congressional debate, and continue to host highly qualified speakers.

The club will host Democrat Dan Canon, a candidate for the 9th congressional district, this Thursday after school in the auditorium.