Song of the Week-November 13th


Several Optimist staff writers have decided to come together and pick their favorite songs each week based on recent releases, personal feelings, and general overall enjoyment.


November 13th:


Will Gibbons:

Ric Flair Drip by Metro Boomin and Offset is my banger of the week. The beat, in standard Boomin fashion, goes hard. Offset shows his technical prowess, not typically seen on his Migos songs, in a series of quick, word heavy verses. His lyrical flow is incredibly smooth, which allows the song to be enjoyed both when listening to the song through your headphones, and in the muddy, bass heavy, club-type experience.

Calvin Prenkert: My song of the week is “Caramel” by Connan Mockasin. Mockasin is a psych-pop artist from New Zealand who has released 3 albums as of 2017. “Caramel” is a bit of an odd song, but the extremely quiet and sparse vocals compliment the beautiful instrumental perfectly. If you’re looking to expand your psychedelic musical library, I recommend that you give this song and the album (also titled Caramel) a listen.

Ethan Baer:  My song of the week is 4Tspoon by Yung Bans ft. PlayBoi Carti. The beat is very dreary and slow but still bangs. Although the song is pretty short, it is one of Carti’s best features in my opinion. The sample is pretty interesting as it is from the very end of Drake and T.I.’s song, “Fancy”. Bans takes the chorus and the first verse while Carti seamlessly comes in for the second verse. I wish the track was 1 minute longer, but overall the song is great if you’re just chilling with the squad and want to bump some music.

Seth- My song of the is Antarctica by Men Without Hats. It’s groovy and I’m about that action.

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