South Speaks: Thanksgiving traditions

Jen Crystal, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is one of the most tradition-filled holidays of the year. We asked several students what their Thanksgiving traditions are.

“I go to my grandmother’s house every year and visit with a lot of family,” sophomore Collin Prince said.

“We don’t have a traditional meal with turkey and cranberry sauce. We just eat and go out for Black Friday shopping,” junior Sarah Yang said.

“On Thanksgiving day, everyone in my immediate family gets together for dinner. We eat yummy food and talk about things we’re grateful for and want to do in the future,” freshman Moya Stringer said.

“Every Thanksgiving my family makes a really big, vegetarian dinner. Thanksgiving is usually just a quiet affair,” freshman Katrina Brown said.


“My family and I usually get together with our close friends. It’s kinda like a potluck situation. We all bring food and board games, and sometimes, we have a bonfire,” sophomore Ada Lynch said.