Black Friday 2017

J.T. Kelly, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving break is in its prime, and Black Friday is tomorrow. For the stores that participate, Black Friday is the most successful day of the year. Around America, shopaholics rush from their Thanksgiving tables to pile outside the doors of Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more.


However, many people disagree with how early Black Friday is starting. Stores like Walmart are starting Black Friday at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Day. Starting this early seems quite silly, considering people are fighting each other over a big screen on the day people reflect on what they are thankful for.


Optimist asked some avid shoppers at BHSS their feelings about Black Friday.


“Sometimes people argue and get in fights in the middle of stores, it’s pretty ridiculous.” said sophomore Brock Pedersen, who has participated in Black Friday in past years.


Sophomore Maya Faubion also had some input on the topic, “I think it’s an experience that not everyone can handle.”


Black Friday may also be on a downfall due to the popular new trend of Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday offers similar, if not the same deals to customers from the comfort of their home. This is convenient for people who don’t want to or can’t leave their house for the treacherous conditions of Black Friday.


Whether you agree or not with what Black Friday has turned into, just remember what the holidays are about: giving to others and being happy with what you have.


Happy Thanksgiving!