SAT to possibly replace ECA and ISTEP

Will Gibbons, Staff Writer

The MCCSC school board has been asked to take a vote on whether or not the SAT should be used as a replacement to the current standardized tests that are in place, such as the ECA and the ISTEP. South students had divided opinions about the proposed substitution

Senior Creighton King believes that the SAT should not be replace our current standardized tests.

“What about the people that aren’t planning on going to college? They shouldn’t have to take the SAT,” King said.

Other students believed that the current tests, the ECA and the ISTEP+, should be kept simply because it’s less stressful.

Sophomore Ethan Upchurch believes that the current standardized test should be kept simply because it’s “easier.”  Other students I talked to felt like they already have to deal with a lot of stress, adding a substantially more difficult form of standardized testing would almost certainly negative influence the mental health of students.

On the other hand, some students feel that the school board should replace the test.

“The tests should be replaced in order to weed out the stupid people,” junior Olivia Schmitt-Metz said.

Others exhibited less extreme viewpoints. Upchurch thought that “by requiring the SAT, the testing process would become more difficult, which I don’t want.”