South welcomes two new security guards.


Lucas Hickey, Editor

You’ve seen them around the building, and depending on your behavior you have probably had some short discussions with them; no matter who you are, if you’ve walked the halls of South, you’ve certainly noticed the security guards. Between keeping students in the school and keeping the baddies out, they do much of the work to keep South safe and secure. Now the ranks have increased by two.

Starting this year, Josh Tinsley and Corbin Calvert have filled positions in BHSS’s security force. Both bring plenty of useful skills and experience to the job.

Josh Tinsley also brings years of practical knowledge to the position, having served six years in the Air Force as military police as well as other security positions in Bloomington.

Calvert has been an assistant coach for the boys soccer team for four years, during that time he also worked with special needs students during the day.

“My main goal is to make sure students are safe,” says Calvert. “The last thing I want to do is have to take one of them to the office.”

 It is obvious that these two will make a good addition to the school.