Top five personality tests


Maddie Roberts, Staff Writer

Personality tests are fun, everyone knows that, but it’s sometimes hard to find good ones. Here are Optimist’s top five personality tests.

  1.  The What Kroger Are You Quiz (
  • Pros: First off, it’s made by Optimist’s very own Calvin Prenkert. It’s pretty funny, and why wouldn’t you want to know this information?
  • Cons: It’s a little short, and the information isn’t beneficial to your life. Also, it doesn’t work on the school wifi.
  1.  The Four Tendencies Quiz  (
  • Pros: The quiz is short, so if you don’t have a lot of time, you can enjoy this quiz. The four results of either rebel, questioner, obliger or upholder are quite unique compared to other personality tests. The results also tell alot about other people and may explain why certain people act a certain way, which makes it really fun to do with friends.
  • Cons: The descriptions of the results are very short and leave a lot up to interpretation, unless you buy the creator’s book that goes along with it. Also, since there aren’t as many questions, the results might not be as accurate because the website has less information to base the results off of.
  1.   Pottermore Sorting Hat (
  • Pros: The test has very interesting questions that, even if you know nothing about Harry Potter, you can enjoy . This quiz is very visually appealing to take, as well. Obviously, if you like Harry Potter, then you will love this quiz, as there is a strong desire among Potter fans to know their respective house.. Plus, it’s more of a fun quiz than a serious one.
  • Cons: First, you have to make an account before you can take it, and if you want to take it again, you have to make a separate account. Unfortunately, when you get your results, it doesn’t have much information on what they mean, but there is a lot of information online if you search for it. Also, this information doesn’t give you practical results that you’d be able to use unlike the first one.
  1.   Career Aptitude Test (
  • Pros: Instead of a general personality test, this asks about about your skills, interests, work style and ideal values for your work space. When you receive your results, it even has colleges and job listings for each career which can be very helpful for high school students to narrow down career options. The website itself has a browse careers section where you can find jobs under categories such as high paying and fast growing jobs.
  • Cons: If you want to see job listings or colleges, you have to put what location you want to find them in. So if you want to see what schools globally offer degrees for that career, you have to be able to narrow down locations, so it might take a bit longer than expected.
  1. 16 Personalities (
  • Pros: The test is based on an agree-disagree scale which makes it more in depth. All of the questions are unique and  based off of comparisons such as introvert/extrovert, scheduled/spontaneous, etc. The descriptions of the personality types that you can get are  specific and include details about friendships, relationships, careers and more.
  • Cons: The website says that it takes less than 12 minutes, but it took me closer to 30 to really think about my answers, so it takes some time. Even though you get a lot of descriptions about your results, there is an option to buy their e-book for information on how you can use your results to alter your life in positive ways, which you may or may not want.