Retired professor subbing at South


Elizabeth Rickert, Staff Writer

    For the next few weeks, some South students will be learning from retired professor Victor DeCarlo. DeCarlo taught physics and astronomy for 33 years at DePauw University.

    Cindy Kvale will be gone for three weeks, and DeCarlo will be her substitute. While this is his first year as a substitute for South, DeCarlo subbed last year in Greencastle.

    “I decided to start subbing because I kinda missed the classroom a little  bit,” DeCarlo said.

    DeCarlo has noticed some differences between college students and high school students. He said that college students are normally more mature than high schoolers.

    “College students tend to be a little bit more focused. They are more sure about their career goals and their objectives,”  DeCarlo said.

    Overall, DeCarlo enjoys being a sub. He said that subbing has been a good way to keep busy.

    “For the most part, it’s kind of fun. I like the interactions with the students which is one of the main reasons I went into teaching,” DeCarlo said.