MCCSC required to increase early intervention funding


Allison Neal, Co-editor-in-chief

The Indiana Department of Education is ordering MCCSC to allocate additional funds for early intervention programs.

This measure is a response to a finding that a “significant disproportionality,” defined as 2.5 percent or greater, of African American students have been identified as having a cognitive disability that makes learning and adapting to new material more difficult.

MCCSC is now required to spend 15 percent of its 2016 budget, $375,091.47, on what the state calls “coordinated early intervening services,” that are up to MCCSC to determine. MCCSC must keep records of the students using these services and submit progress reports to the state, according to the Herald Times.
“We haven’t heard specifically how it will help South,” Assistant Principal Christina Adduci said of the state order. “We could see assistance in our current reading program.”