“Deez Nuts” for president?


Allison Neal, Co-editor-in-chief

It may seem like only a bizarre internet rumor in the midst of an increasingly bizarre election, but Iowa teen Brady Olson, known as “Deez Nuts” in his campaign, received 9 percent of the votes on a North Carolina public poll according to CNN.

Olson filed for candidacy with the Federal Election Commission in July, despite not being legally old enough to hold office. His campaign has garnered social media attention. The “Deez Nuts for POTUS” page has 9,340 followers, and celebrities from Conan O’Brien to Mario Lopez have tweeted about Olson’s antics.

Senior Natalie Cook said she thinks most people see Olson’s run as the joke it is.  “It also says something about people in America that we think of the election as a joke.”
She said there were better ways for teens to become involved in the election than run themselves. “There are lots of volunteer opportunites to volunteer at polling station,” she said.