New computer programming club possibly on its way

Katie Apple, Staff Writer

A new club may be making its way to south as a request from freshman Elenna Kim. Kim has recently reached out to Mr. Pizzo about starting a computer programming club for any students interested and has agreed to be their sponsor and adviser.

The club will focus on expanding students’ knowledge of computer programming which may be beneficial for those looking to pursue this field beyond high school. It would also act as a fun extracurricular activity for those who enjoy computer science.

“It will offer an informal environment to explore computer science without the pressure of a regular class and grades” Kim wrote in a proposal letter.

Another idea Kim had was starting a Girls Who Code segment if there are enough girls interested. This will allow female students to not “feel disconnected and see how many other girls at [s]outh share the same common interest” wrote Kim.

Much like Science Olympiad and Robotics the club would also focus on preparing for and competing in high school competitions. If this request goes through the club would meet once a week after school.