Students take field trip to IU Theatre

Ethan Baer, Staff Writer

On Friday, students in Latin and/or regular English 10 courses went on a field trip to watch a production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” The play was produced by the students and staff of IU Theatre. The roles in this play were predominantly played by women, which is unusual, as male and female characters are typically played by the corresponding genders.

“Julius Caesar” is a thrilling story of betrayal, justice, and politics. The Shakespearean drama displayed the glory and dominance of the Roman Republic, with the assassination of Julius Caesar that causes the city of Rome to erupt in anger.

Sophomore Atena Beitvashahi described the cast as “good actors who looked like they knew what they were doing, ” and thought that overall the play “was pretty decent, but [she] didn’t like how it looked more modern; the characters’ clothes didn’t fit the story and didn’t look Roman.”

Sophomore Mitchell Knipstein liked “the action scenes the most,” describing them as “entertaining and thrilling.” All in all, Mitchell believed that the play “was pretty good and entertaining.”