Upcoming graduation requirements


Maddie Roberts, Staff Writer

On Dec. 6, the Indiana State Board of Education voted 7 to 4 for new graduation pathways to be implemented starting in 2023.

The two new pathways include a work-ready and post-secondary education ready option, as well as keeping a basic high school diploma option.

The work ready path requires students to participate in either a project, service, or work related learning experience which would be provided by the school. The skills that students will be expected to learn from these opportunities are based on what state employers want from future employees.

The post-secondary education path has many options for its requirements. One option that remains is completing requirements for either an honors or technical honors diploma. You can also reach certain ACT or SAT scores suitable for colleges, reach a certain score for military tests, or earn a ‘C’ average in at least three AP classes. Now there will even be certain apprenticeships and certifications recognized by the state or industries that students can earn, allowing them to graduate.

These new pathways are designed to better prepare students for both careers and college, teaching them more necessary skills for both of these future events.

South students were generally positive about the new pathways.

“If it’ll actually help the students, whether it’s being prepared to go to college or to their new job that they’re preparing for, then it would be a good thing,” sophomore Tabby Duvall said.

Junior Ada Port said, “people always say when you’re going off to college, it’s so much more different than high school, so anything they can do to better prepare us… would be good.”

“You don’t want to set yourself up for something you can’t do,” sophomore Aftyn Capot added.

Counselor Lacey Winckelbach, however, had some concerns with the plan. “Having students pick a specific career pathway so early in their time in high school could present problems,” she said. Winckelbach also worries that it will be difficult for schools to manage, adding, “I don’t know if this is the best way to address it.”

In the end, the vote has happened, so the new graduation requirements will become a reality in 2023..