Panther Hoops season preview


Calvin Prenkert

Team Supreme player Jack Hanchett points to the fan section.

Logan Hanchett, Sports Writer

808’s and Fastbreaks

Head Coach: Sohile Ali


808’s and Fastbreaks is one of the more senior laden squads this season. Seth Morris and Danny Wallace are expected to lead the team in scoring, but don’t discount senior Yousuf Naderpoor who has a deadly three point shot.


Stars: Wallace, Morris

Role Players: Everyone Else


OSports prediction: Final Four


B-Town Air Ballers

Head Coach: Rob Smith


The B-Town Air Ballers are an all junior team from North. We don’t know much about them, so they’re probably pretty bad.


Stars: TBA

Role Players: Worth, Grant, Seeber, Dorocke, Naji, Woodley, Thurmond


OSports prediction: First Round


B-Town Kings

Head Coach: Timothy Clarke

Assistant Coach: Oreva Omodlor


The B-Town Kings are looking to use their athleticism to win a championship. The brand new franchise will use sophomore Jack Gillard as their main scoring option, but is set to feature Kyle Hurley and Seth Kestranek as other core players.


Stars: Gillard

Role Players: Hurley, Kestranek


OSports Prediction: First Round


Cash Money White Kids

Coaches: Noah Jager, Anthony Leal, Wil Stockman


Cash Money White Kids (CMWK) is a star studded team with the potential to go all the way. Jackson Moore (last year’s MVP) and Gio Alicea (last year’s 6th Man) are some top-tier exterior threats, as is Charlie Abel. CMWK has spent the offseason hard at work under the leadership of their three headed coaching staff: Jager, Leal, and Stockman. Other key members of the team are Alan Morris and Ben Pliske, not to mention the firepower off the bench.  


Stars: Moore, Abel

Role Players: Morris, Pliske, Alicea


OSports Prediction: Lose in Championship



Coach: Marina Blackwell


C-Team, who went 0-10 last year, spent the offseason recruiting big names and building up their returning core. Scott Grabowski figures to be their top three point shooter, but Jacob Lewis and Jonathan Collins will also play a big role. This team should finish better than last season, but may have to wait another year to compete for the title.


Stars: Grabowski

Role Players: Lewis, Collins, Piekarsky


OSports Prediction: Second Round



Coach: Chance Coyle


Semi-Pro is clearly the most talented team in the league this year, consisting of a bunch of seniors and Trent Richardson. Tiondray Hopkins is an all around threat, as are Alex Franklin and EJ Truss. The top three point shooters are Bradley Hartman and Gavin Yeskie, who have some sweet strokes from behind the arc. Semi-Pro is easily the preseason favorite to win it all.


Stars: Franklin, Hopkins, Hartman, Truss, Yeski

Role Players: Richardson, Washington, Porter


OSports Prediction: Champions


Team Supreme

Coach: Pierce Evans


Team Supreme is looking to skate their way to the top this year. The duo of Jack Turnbull and Jack Hanchett are some of the flashiest players in the league, albeit not incredibly talented. Senior guard Teddy Kenny is expected to be a perimeter threat and lead the team in scoring. Look for the team to make a deep run into the playoffs.


Stars: Kenny

Role Players: Hanchett, Sills, Turnbull


OSports Prediction: Final Four



Coach: Adam Graham


The Underdogs were a late addition to the league, but put together a decent enough roster to stay competitive with most teams. Expected to star are Thomas Joyce and Ron Underwood, each of whom have groomed their skills at the Y. Expect them to finish in the bottom half of the league, although superstar Adam Frey may have something to say about that.


Stars: Joyce, Underwood

Role Players: Wedemeyer, Younger


OSports Prediction: Second Round



Coaches: Zach Bellini, James Bomba, Jack Lyles


The Waterboys are an all sophomore team and brand new to PHoops this year. Top scorers should be Zach Stewart and JJ Thomas, who each possess the ability to put up numbers. Reid Johnson and Nick Cannon will fill out the other core positions, and this team will look to compete despite their Panther Hoops inexperience.


Stars: Stewart, Thomas

Role Players: Johnson, Cannon


OSports Prediction: Second Round


The Optimist Week 1 Power Rankings

  1. Semi-Pro
  2. CMWK
  3. Team Supreme
  4. 808 & Fastbreaks
  5. C-Team
  6. Air Jordans
  7. Waterboys
  8. B-Town Kings
  9. Underdogs
  10. Air Ballers
  11. Panther Hoops #2
  12. Panther Hoops #1