Song of the week- February 18th


Several Optimist staff writers have decided to come together and pick their favorite songs each week based on recent releases, personal feelings, and general overall enjoyment. We are finally back after a hiatus and ready to deliver new music to your playlists.

Week of Feb 18th:



Calvin- My song of the week is “DNA” by indie band Darwin Deez. The lyrics liken a break up between two people to a loss of genetic material, which is an odd pairing that seems to work perfectly. Vocalist Darwin Smith is well known for his unique vocal delivery, and this song topic gives him the tools to demonstrate it perfectly. “DNA” has a jangly guitar groove and features a heavy hitting drum that will have your head bopping from start to finish.


Will- My song of the week is “Seasons” off of TDE’s recent Black Panther album. As my personal favorite song on the album, its soul and rasta roots provide the basis for an incredibly smooth song. Mozzy and Sjava provide the hook and intro respectively, and Mozzy provides the background vocals. The song as a whole is mellow, but it has a solid beat and a lyrically deep and smooth verse from Reason. Reason reflects on his life and uses seasons changing as a way to convey the passage of time. His reflections focus mainly on the struggles of himself and his loved ones to make it into the spotlight.


Seth- My song of the week is “See You Again” by Tyler, the Creator. The song is Tyler’s personal favorite on his 2017 studio album Flower Boy, and it features vocals from Kali Uchis, who appeared on Tyler’s previous album “Cherry Bomb.” “See You Again” is about an ideal lover whom only exists in a state of dreaming. The overall tone of the song, however,does not project many sad vibes. Hopeful dubiety makes this a song you can revel in regardless of your outlook on love and life.


Ethan- “Hallucinating” by Future is my song of the week. The beat on this track, which uses a sample from Usher, is insane; incredibly chill and really alludes to the track’s title.. Overall, this is a perfect track for chilling,but it can also bang late at night.


Joe – My song of the week is “Chan Chan” by Buena Vista Social Club. For the uninitiated, Buena Vista Social Club is a Cuban ensemble established in the 90’s to revive the pre-revolutionary era of Cuban music. Every single one of their songs is good, but I chose “Chan Chan” because it is, with good reason, unequivocally their most famous song. The production is perfect, the musicians are supremely talented, and it serves as one of the best entry points into Cuban and Latin American music. I recommend anyone interested in getting some street cred with their spanish teacher give it a listen.


Taylor- My go-to song this week is “Cigarettes and Coffee” by Otis Redding. As of late, my playlists have become increasingly dominated by jazz or soul classics from the 1950s and 60s. This includes songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Tommy Dorsey and of course, Otis Redding. “Cigarettes and Coffee” brings a happy light to these final days of winter that attempt to bring me down. With it’s sweet lyrics and simple orchestration, it reminds me to appreciate the simple things in life and relish in the quiet, slow moments with someone you love, which can often be overlooked.


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