Guess who is getting ENGAGEd?

Elizabeth Rickert, Staff Writer

    Everyone, thanks to MCCSC’s new app, Engage. The app is linked with both Canvas and Skyward. Students and parents can view school lunches, school announcements, grades, and school calendars. Parents can also deposit money into their child’s lunch account.

    Senior Madison Gingrich said that she likes that the app lists the daily announcements on it.

    “It is great because half the time I can’t even hear the announcements. Especially at the beginning of the year with the club meetings, it gives you the room numbers that they are in, so I really like that,” Gingrich said.  

    MCCSC decided to release the app because many students and parents needed a mobile friendly way to access important information.

    “The app provided a way for us to choose those information feeds that we feel are most critical to a parent,” Tim Pritchett, the Public Relations and Information Officer for MCCSC, said.

    The new app can be purchased for free on both iPhones and Android devices. To find the app, students can search for ‘MCCSC Engage’ in either the App Store on iPhones or the Play Store on Android.