How to prom on a budget

Mallorey Daunhauer, Editor

As summer rolls around, end of the school year activities and events are in full swing. One of these highly anticipated events is prom. While prom is considered to be one of the most memorable nights of one’s high school experience, it can be quite detrimental to the wallet of attendees. Optimist is here to help give you some tips to save you money on the big night.

Tip #1- Make your own corsage and/or boutonniere

Corsages and boutonnieres can be upwards of $40; who wants to spend that much money on a flower bracelet? Good news is, you can make your own corsages and boutonnieres very easily and for a much lower cost. Check out these videos for a simple how to:



Tip #2- Get your hair and makeup done at a cosmetology school

Hair and makeup appointments can be one of the most expensive parts of getting prom ready. If you’re trying to save money, rather than going to a fancy salon, try going to one of Bloomington’s two cosmetology schools to get beautified. Both the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture and the Indiana Cosmetology offer hair and makeup for far cheaper but of equal quality as local salons and beauty shops might offer. If you’re wanting to have manicured and pedicured nails for the big night, rather than spending money at a nail salon, opt for painting your own nails instead.

Tip #3- Wear a recycled dress!

Whether you borrow a dress from a friend or purchase a used one, wearing a recycled dress can save you some major money. Bloomington has many upcycled clothing stores to purchase used dresses from like Vintage Vogue, Cactus Flower and The Cherry Canary.

Tip #4- Have dinner at home

Nice restaurants tend to cost a lot of money and can also be quite crowded on prom night. Save your wallet and get away from the crowds by having a dinner at home! You can even get your parents involved if you’re not the cooking type.

Tip #5- DIY Accessories

Appropriately accessorizing your outfit for prom night is very important but can also be quite costly. Whether it’s a pocket square, jewelry, or any other item you might want to accessorize, there are easy ways to make your own accessories. Check out the tutorials below:

Pocket square: