Indiana teachers rally for change


Photo courtesy of Corbin Calvert

Vika Terrill, Staff writer

On Tuesday Nov. 19, an estimated 20,000 teachers dressed in red surrounded the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis to protest. 

Red for Ed Action Day is part of a national movement that demands higher salaries for teachers and better funding for schools. According to CNN, 147 school districts cancelled class for the day. Indiana labor law restricts teachers from striking, so teachers took a personal day for the rally. Although no teachers here at South went up to Indianapolis, several faculty members and students walked out before school started for a few minutes to help support the cause. 

Anya Steele was one of the teachers involved in the walkout. “It matters because the public and elected officials need to be aware of the consequences of legislation,” Steele said. “Invest in the future. Invest in kids.” Steele believes in the power of nonviolent protests.

Teacher Susanna Shelton also walked out. “It’s a symbolic gesture. I think we live in a society where large numbers matter,” Shelton said about the mix of teachers and students that walked out. 

Teachers protesting aimed their message for better education at Indiana legislatures. The Indiana State Teachers Association ran the rally and the president Keith Gambill spoke to the crowd at one point, saying “ISTA’s Red for Ed Action Day will go down in history as a significant turning point in public education in Indiana.” This protest in Indianapolis seems to be only the beginning of a massive movement.