New emojis cause excitement


Boone Law, Staff Writer

With the release of iOS 15.4, Apple has unveiled their brand new set of emojis. The update comes with more smiley emojis, multiracial handshake emojis, and improved gender representation, among other emojis. Here are a few students’ favorite new emojis.

“My favorite new emoji is the disco ball emoji because it’s so fun and unique; it also reminds me of Taylor Swift.”

-Freshman Zoe Gray

“My favorite new emoji is the melting face emoji because I think it will have a lot of cool uses.”

-Senior Samantha Morrow

“I like the new slanted mouth emoji because it really speaks to me.”

-Senior Lucy Billett

“My favorite new emoji is the troll emoji because I can use it to tell people they look like a troll.”

-Sophomore Will Wright