Editorial: Indiana makes DST permanent

Madelynne Murray

It’s well known that Daylight Saving Time is a heavily debated topic throughout America. Each year around fall, we have to turn our clocks back an hour and each year around spring, it is vice-versa. The House of Congress passed legislation that Indiana will move their time zone from Eastern to Central.  April 2, 2006 is when Indiana became the 48th state to observe Daylight Saving Time. Being in Indiana causes us to be on the edge of the Eastern time zone. This is unfortunate because the U.S Senate voted unanimously to keep our clocks permanent from 2023 and on. Why is this a bad thing you may ask? When we keep our clocks one hour ahead instead of moving back an hour again, our days will be significantly shorter in the winter seasons. If we were to keep our time zone in Eastern time zone, the sun would rise significantly later and set early. Around 25,000 Hoosiers and 50 school boards are willing and encouraging Indiana to move back to central time. We think that this is a great idea because when the sun sets and rises, it won’t be a ridiculous time. Tell us what you think! Are you open to moving back to Central time?