South Hires New ISS Teacher

Maddox Grass and Jack Gildea

Bloomington High School South has found a one-of-a-kind teacher who has the passion for teaching within her blood. With the departure of South’s former ISS teacher, Students in ISS had no supervising teacher for the start of the school year, but now, Sharon Ackerman has been hired for the role.

While there was no replacement towards the beginning of September, Sharon Ackerman was hired to take on the job as the new ISS teacher. Fletcher reported on her competence and skill by saying,”[she] has a solid background in the military, [and] is good with people”. During the brief period where there was no teacher, students who would normally go to the ISS classroom would instead go to the front office. 

This hiring will also be beneficial to South and administrators since students in ISS will no longer have to stay in the office. Thanks to Ackerman, students, and staff can now look forward to a consistently supervised classroom. On average, Ackerman reported, “the ISS room will normally see two to five kids per day”. That number varies since sometimes she claimed, “I will go the whole day without a single kid and others I’ll see many”.

Ackerman wanted the job because she said, “I have been teaching for 30 years, and have been looking for something to enjoy”. Therefore, this crucial hiring has killed two birds with one stone and both parties got the best of both worlds.