Tune Talk: “NO THANK YOU” Album Review

Album cover for Little Simz new album, “NO THANK YOU”.

Layne Barnes, Staff Writer

Little Simz, a prolific artist out of London, England, released her follow up album “NO THANK YOU” near the end of 2022. Simz pushed her name out into the mainstream realm with her 2021 album release, “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert.” She rightfully earned her praises for the album for how much effort, meaning, and hunger she represented in her 2021 album. So when Simz announced a new album only a year after her previous one, fans were ecstatic, and rightfully so. 


“NO THANK YOU” consists of 10 songs and is filled with work from producer Inflo, who had majority of the production on Simz’s previous album, and as a result Inflo and Simz are building great chemistry between each other. Simz knows how to vocalize herself over an Inflo beat, and even though she doesn’t tap into much of her vocal versatility in her new album compared to her previous one, she further premiers her ability to rap over many diverse sounds. This album is filled with soulful beats and relaxing drums, or a more so harder hitting version of those beats filled with instrumental sounds, beautiful background vocals from Cleo Sol, and a very noticeable hunger in Simz’s voice, which really adds to the harder hitting songs.


Simz really shows emotional depth within “NO THANK YOU”. The quality of her lyrics only compliments what she is giving to us to explore throughout a listen. Simz, over the 10 songs, gets into her experiences within the music industry, along with self communication, really digging into an emotional and hungry Simz, rapping about either the lack of community help towards mental health, or about trauma. Simz covers so many aspects within 10 songs, and with no doubt this is her most lyrically direct project yet. 


Simz has only released crafted masterpieces so far in the 2020’s, and with “NO THANK YOU” it continues. She knows how to spread her thoughts into music, and does it unlike many others. She is distinct, and has easily made a name for herself through her work. 


“NO THANK YOU” was a great follow up to her previous album. It’s not easy to follow up with comparable or even better work after crafting such a masterpiece, though Simz found a way. As Simz and Inflo continue to create art together, it’s only a matter of time before Simz becomes a full on household name and really enters the realm of mainstream music.