South Speaks: Teenage Jobs

Nora Doyle , Staff Writer

As many people know, money doesn’t grow on trees; it has to be earned. And for most, earning money means working. The spending habits of teenagers cannot be supported by the occasional $5 bill found in the couch. There’s no doubt that it’s a challenge to juggle the stress of school on top of a job, but nonetheless many South students do. That being said, how many students really do enjoy their job?


“I like the people I work with, and I like working. However, I feel like I am always there because I am always working. ” -Senior Liberty Espinoza, who works at Crumbl Cookies.

“I like my jobs (Hanlon works two jobs). I have time for school with my jobs, but it is not the easiest to balance.” -Senior Will Hanlon, who works at Big Woods and for a cleaning service.

“I enjoy working and I like my job, but it is definitely hard to maintain a work-life balance.” -Junior Harper Jones, who works at Crumbl Cookies.

“I feel like my job is very flexible for my position. I plan to keep working there till college.” -Senior Jake Keller, who works at Bloomingpaws.