Tune Talk: Upcoming Artists

Layne Barnes, Staff Writer

Within the past decade we’ve watched and heard a complete shift in the way music is crafted and presented. Some forms of music grew to new heights and polarizing popularity while others  started to decay and lose their spark in the world of music, and within those there’s been an influx in new and upcoming artists. These artists are either riding with the new waves or branching off and trying to really make a name for themselves.


Someone that falls deep into the category of artists trying to make a name for themselves is artist D2x. In 2021 D2x released his debut album, “The Color Blue.” This album, full of beautifully curated sounds ranging from wonderful jazz like monotones to majestic soul samples, is D2x illustrating finding himself, detailing everyday implications he endures, which all represent the title of the album. Blue, meaning calm, peace, and sadness are all the meanings behind the title of the album and the meaning behind D2x’s words spoken in this album. It’s crafted with true effort and perspective. It has a sense of direction going into the album. On top of having such a great debut album D2x is very active with his fans and really gets and keeps in touch with them. It speaks volumes of his character and is something a lot of artists nowadays tend to either not do or leave behind in their stages of growth in popularity. With such great work and active communication within his fanbase D2x is a sure lock for someone to keep an eye out for throughout the year, especially with a new album releasing this year.


Another artist to keep an eye out for is Rome Streetz. Streetz has been in the music business since 2016 when he released his breakout mixtape, “I Been Thru Mad Sh*t” but hadn’t had that frontrunner or label to push his name out there. At the time getting your name out there wasn’t as easy or simplistic as it is now. Though 2016 is closer to the transitional period, the ways of promotion just weren’t available yet. That all changed for the better in 2021 when  Rome Streetz signed with Griselda Records, which is notorious for its founders Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, and Mach-Hommy, its ways of promotion, and loyalty to their artists. After signing in 2021, fans awaited his debut Griselda album and it was well worth the wait. In 2022 Rome Streetz released, “KISS THE RING,” which is full of grimy, soulful, and abnormal production and lyrics. It is an amazing album and really showed the musical genius of Westside Gunn. and the easily noticeable connection between other Griselda artists and Rome Streetz. Streetz is now all on the rise in popularity and with how much Griselda founder Westside Gunn truly loves Rome Streetz, it’s no question that he is on track to have a great year.


There’s an assortment of artists that are on the rise and continue to be on the rise, but from listeners to other artists both D2x and Rome Streetz are growing each and everyday. Both aren’t following the current waves of success in music though putting out work that they want to and have a sense of direction, and will continue to throughout the year as their names flow out more into the world.