Teachers remember Anthony Andrews

Mallorey Daunhauer, Photographer

Yesterday after school, senior Anthony Andrews was tragically killed in an accident involving a gun. Andrews had transferred from North this year, and in his short time at South had made friends with teachers and students alike.

Special education and German teacher Vera Frye, one of Andrews’ teachers, said that Andrews “was a very smart kid, and he had a really great smile.” Ms. Frye also said that Andrews ┬áhad improved so much in her biology class that she awarded him a Panther Plus award for the class. Andrews was so surprised and proud that he teared up when he received the award.

“At first, it was hard (for him) to adjust after transferring, but he improved so much,” Frye said.

Shocked by his passing, another of his teachers, Jane Feller, said that Andrews “always had a smile on his face and wanted to please others.” She shared that Andrews had a lot of responsibilities for a kid his age, and even though the odds were against him, he pushed through. “He always did the best he could,” Feller said.

Graduation was a big goal for Andrews, and it was something he was pushing for. “He promised me that he would graduate,” said Feller. “He will be missed every day.”

Malik Parker has been arrested and is facing a preliminary charge for reckless homicide.