Rock em’, sock em’: boys tennis team gives back

Mallorey Daunhauer, Editor

The boys tennis team has implemented a charitable new facet into their uniforms this year. Optimist asked tennis coach Matthew Corry some questions about how the Panthers are giving back to those in need:
1. Can you explain the change you made to the tennis uniforms this year?
In years past, our uniforms consisted of shirts and shorts with the occasional hat. This spring I learned about Sky Footwear and the mission it pursues and was inspired by Keaton Hendricks who is a South grad. Keaton currently plays basketball for Taylor University, but being a college athlete and focusing on his studies in his spare time wasn’t enough. He strives to make a difference through his sock company as it donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair sold. This dream stems from what he experienced while serving the destitute in Bloomington. I felt like it was a given that we as a team should support the good work he is doing and at the same time the team could learn about being more involved in the good that is in the world through our purchasing choices. It is also important for all of us to be reminded that our realm of influence can be greater than we imagine as we look to create change.
2. What is your connection to Sky Footwear?
I have known Keaton and his family since he was in middle school. I have always  been impressed with how his whole family have together as a family continually come up with many social entrepreneurship opportunities that make a difference as they have seen needs around the community and abroad.
3. What do you like about the mission of Sky Footwear and what made you want to support it?
As I read the news, scroll through social media, and pay attention to the cultural climate that surrounds, it is easy to become anxious, enraged or feel hopeless. But, there is beauty, there is opportunity, there is good. There are ways to create a different tomorrow. So, I want to be aware of reality, but instead of focusing on all that is broken, I want to encourage those who are within my realm of influence to see how we can serve or make a difference with our dollars.
So, as we work hard to become better tennis players, my hope is that we work even harder at supporting/ standing with those who are already making a difference as we look for our place to plug in the talents we have that together can bring hope, beauty and change…. And if we get to sport some stylish and comfortable socks in the process, even better.
Learn more about Sky Footwear here: