Song of the week- October 1st (Guest Edition)


This week the Song of the Week team has asked several of the other members on the Optimist staff to pick their song of the week. This Song of the Week installment will be filled with songs from guests on the optimist staff, thus it is titled “guest edition”.


October 1st:


Logan Hanchett: My song of the week is “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts because it’s the standout song from the Cars soundtrack. This song can be enjoyable on any day, but the enjoyment can be heightened on a road trip. You could even listen to this song on a trip during next week’s fall break!”


Taylor Harmon: “Asleep” by the Smiths is my song of the week because as October has officially started, I am slowly slipping back into my mellow and slightly nostalgic playlists to match the changing leaves and cooler days. “Asleep” is one of my favorite forms of alternative music as it is very soft and slightly romantic. It is perfect for sitting alone on the back porch, having coffee with someone you love, or yes, even falling asleep.


Mallorey Daunhauer: Though the album can arguably be listened to at any time on any occasion, Whitney’s Light Upon the Lake, sounds as if it was created for the purpose of soundtracking the fall months. For this reason, I have chosen  the song “No Woman” off of the album as my song of the week. It’s hazy vocals, dreamy trumpet interludes, and soft undertones of bass make “No Woman” seem to embody all the coolness of a crisp, autumn day.


Katie Apple: My song of the week would be “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles because it’s a classic song from one of the most famous bands ever. It reminds me of all of those lame couples at school who show too much PDA, especially because today (Tuesday) was national boyfriend day.


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