How to Date a Royal

Taylor Harmon, Staff Writer

Prince Harry’s engagement announcement to Meghan Markle was met with mourning around the world as people were hit with the reality that the last prince of England is no longer on the market. However, dating the redheaded royal heart-throb does not come without its challenges. Here are a few things you need to know before dating a member of the royal family (at least in England):

1. You may not talk about your relationship publicly.

When you are inevitably approached by the press, it is best to avoid relationship gossip. Instead, aim to speak about philanthropic projects, and socially or politically-neutral topics.

2. PDA… Don’t do it.

Hopefully, high school has taught you that public displays of affection are generally not appreciated by large masses of people. Not to mention that it gives the tabloids prime opportunities to snap photos out of context and generate gossip and rumors.

3. Be versed in basic table manners.

You will want to make sure you know which fork to use when you meet the family. You would be surprised at how much the royal family values proper table etiquette!

4. Know how to address royalty properly.

The Queen is addressed as “Your Majesty” and from there on, “ma’am.” The rest of the royal family is “Your Royal Highness,” then “ma’am” or “sir” as it applies.


Most importantly, don’t forget to acknowledge your eternal gratitude that royals are now allowed to court non-royal blood, you lowly peasant.