Song of the Week November 27th


Several Optimist staff writers have decided to come together and pick their favorite songs each week based on recent releases, personal feelings, and general overall enjoyment.


November 27th:


Calvin- My song of the week is the “Last Waltz” by Busman’s Holiday. Busman’s Holiday is a local band and can often be seen performing around town at various venues. They are an extremely talented duo of brothers who blend rock-pop together seamlessly.“Last Waltz” is just one of the many songs that showcase the supreme talent of singer/guitarist Lewis Rogers. If you’re looking for some new music that you can enjoy at any time, definitely give this song a listen.


Will- For my song of the week this week, I have actually selected four songs. On Jaden Smith’s newest album “Syre,” the first four songs: “B”, “L”, “U”, and “E” all lead into one another in such a way that makes them feel like one continuous song. The sound varies drastically between songs, but they all work excellently together, and in the final song, “E”, pieces from each song are combined to create a finale that further ties each song together. “B” starts off as what seems like a traditional Christmas melody but carries the same hype that you would expect from a modern rap song. It leads to “L”, the most energetic of the four songs. This part has a nice beat and an excellent transition both from the last song and leading into the next. It provides what is essentially the main verse of the four songs, mixed in between the three different choruses. The third song, “U”, is a combination of rap and rock that provides a feel similar to “Yeezus.” “E” slows the composition down a lot and mixes in a bit of alternative rock to further mellow the mood. These four songs as a package provide the most interesting piece of music I’ve heard in a long time.


Seth- My song of the week is “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry. You might know it from the iconic Uma Thurman/John Travolta dance scene in Pulp Fiction. It is quite a catchy tune when listened to at length.


Ethan-  My song of the week is “20 Min” from Lil Uzi Vert off his most recent album, “Luv is Rage 2”. The song has a very upbeat tone and chill vibe to it. The song definitely has a classic Uzi sounding beat with an electronic melody playing continuously throughout the track.


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