Song of the week- February 26


Several Optimist staff writers have decided to come together and pick their favorite songs each week based on recent releases, personal feelings, and general overall enjoyment.


Week of February 26th:


Calvin- My song of the week is “Don’t ask me to be lonely” by The Dubs. The Dubs were a popular doo-wop group in the 1950’s, and “Don’t ask me to be lonely” is one their most well-known songs. The vocal harmonies and sounds created by the group’s multiple singers are truly impressive. If you’re looking for a song to perk you up or to keep you company when driving home in the dark, this is the song for you.


Will- My song of the week is “Make Daddy Proud” by Blackbear. The song lyrically is kind of trash. But, I enjoy it, as well of the rest of the album, when I’m feeling some emo music. The beat and multiple drops are pretty nice. The chorus and lyrics are memorable and catchy, but in terms of actual meaning, it’s pretty dumb. Basically, this song is a bop if you’re feeling down and don’t care at all about substance.


Seth- My song for this week is “Lily of the Valley” by Queen. Written by Freddie Mercury himself, this Queen song is unknown to many but manages to be the most efficient song in music history. It can leave one feeling an intense musical arousal or sadness in just one minute and 44 seconds. For those who don’t catch it, the line “messenger from Seven Seas has flown, to tell the King of Rhye he’s lost his throne” seems to be a reference to the track “Seven Seas of Rhye” which was an instrumental track on Queen’s self-titled debut album.


Ethan- “Dark Knight Dummo” by Trippie Redd ft. Travis Scott is my song of the week. This track gives off a dark, hellish vibe. The electric bass and electronic piano melody perfectly suit Travis and Trippie. They both go in on their verses which ultimately make this track an absolute banger. The chorus is also super catchy which makes it easy to sing along to.


Taylor- My song of the week this week is “Someone To You” by Banners. As warmer days begin making appearances, “Someone To You” is the perfect song to roll your car windows down and drive to. With its catchy chorus and upbeat tempo, it’s hard to be in a bad mood listening to this song on a pretty day (or while singing in the shower).


Joe – My song of the week is “Let Me Down Easy” by Paulo Nutini. Despite his Italian sounding name, Nutini is a Scottish singer who takes on 1960’s soul with ease, mixing his vocals with Bettye LaVette. Together (aided by some killer production), they make one of the darkest neo-soul/funk songs I’ve ever heard. The atmosphere of this song is so heavy, sensual, and sad. Unfortunately, the voices and atmosphere overshadow the lyrics pretty significantly. Despite that, I can’t recommend this track enough if you just need to chill.


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