PAC food drive offers two breakfast prizes this year

Allison Neal, Co-Editor-in-chief

The Panther Activity Council (PAC) is holding a food drive now through Nov. 19 to benefit the Hoosier Hills Food Bank and Backpack Buddies program that provides low income MCCSC students with food.

The drive is a contest with class breakfast prizes. A change this year is that the food drive has two breakfast prizes. First periods will compete to see which class donates the most, and gym classes, that offer point for cans, will compete against each other. PAC president, senior Madison Gingerich hopes this will keep the whole school motivated to donate.

PAC organized the drive to have a greater involvement in the school. “It is just one more thing we can add to help out the school,” Gingerich said.

Gingerich suggests that students donate soups because they are easy full meals for food bank patrons. Rice and vegetables are also good donations according to Gingerich.

“People who don’t have a good home life don’t really think about not having meals,” Gingerich said. She believes it’s important to think about these families and do something to help them, even with just a few $0.69 cans. “Every can helps,” she said.

“Our ultimate goal is 6,000 [cans],” she said, explaining that PAC exceeded their 3,000 can goal last year by approximately 800 cans.

Those interested in becoming a part of PAC next year should attend their call out meeting at the end of the year to complete an application to join.