South Speaks: Pledge of Allegiance

Jack Crystal, Iliad Haghverdi, and Colin Moore

Although the Pledge of Allegiance is an aspect of everyday life for students of all grade levels from all throughout the US, it has been pretty controversial in recent years. Some students choose to sit and others choose to stand, but why? We let BHSS students share their opinions on the Pledge of Allegiance to see if they stand during the pledge and why.


“Yes, you just kinda do.” sophomore Nathan Ferguson said.

“Not really, I’m not American and they pledge for a god I don’t believe in,” sophomore Sophia Hahn said.

“Yes,  because I believe in God,” sophomore Cayden Michaels said.

“I do, because it shows respect for the people who have given us their lives and it is a nice patriotic symbol which I stand for,” senior William Hanlon said.

“Yes, because I think it’s a national tradition and there’s no reason not to.” sophomore Noah Lasher said.